The Gallery
Here you can view pictures of our dogs, pups, horses, farm and pretty much anything else. Newer pictures will be posted on our
Facebook Page.
A barrel o' setters!4 Big dogs on the roding rig.Shags-Run TurkSuper Kate!Shags-Run BanditShags-Run BlondieShags-Run HondoShags-Run TurkShags-Run StrykerShags-Run StellaStella staked out.PA-KO SlickShags-Run Rosie doing what she does best.A couple of pups running.Rosie running.Shags-Run DottieShags-Run Jake taking a dip.Shags-Run KateJake lovin' life.MissyShags-Run FannyPuppies!Just adorable.Puppy's first point!Water break.Missy and Stryker ready to go!Missy and Stryker after a good run.Shags-Run Fanny and Turk,More puppies!Fanny trotting.Rosie and Mary Cate racing.Jake on point.Shags-Run Rosie 4 days away from expected drop date. June 1st 2010.
Dog pictures.
Farm, Hunts, and other pictures.
Our newest farm vehicle, Ruby.
Our new honey bee hive. Home of the Shags-Run Whoppers!The entrance of the hive.The entrance can get very crowded.Here you can see a little Whopper harvesting nectar and pollen from a clover flower. That orange round ball on her leg is harvested pollen. Our daughter checking on the bess.She is checking to see how established the bees are.Yes she's in shorts prying apart a bee hive. Scary, I know.Healthy honey bee comb.
Shags-Run Whoppers. Pictures of our new honey bees.